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Happy 11.12.13
Sedona Coleus
Talented School of Rock Chicago Students LIVE!!!
HowAboutWe...have a romantic date on a sweet rooftop
Love Does Fall in September - Welcome October


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Happy 11.12.13

Happy 11.12.13  Sending positive thoughts into Chicago EARTH's atmosphere.

Sedona Coleus

The Sedona Coleus dark red-violet spotting appears in early Fall. More than 225 varieties of Coleus in sumptuous colors lasting from Spring until frost.

We add Coleus to almost every wall garden and container we design. 

Myth: Coleus are shady plants
To bring out the true color of the leaves, they need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.

Talented School of Rock Chicago Students LIVE!!!

Marin Burdette performs live at Reggie's Rock ClubTalented group of young students rocking the movies at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago last weekend. 

Way to go Marin Burdette performing vocals of Little Green Bag by George Baker from the Reservoir Dogs. I'll say I knew you when you were only 3 days old!

HowAboutWe...have a romantic date on a sweet rooftop

Create your own wall garden while checking out the Chicago skyline on a gorgeous October afternoon and sipping a little vino. has the perfect weekend date planned for you and yours...

Create Your Own Wall Garden With Chicago Earth
Create Your Own Wall Garden With Chicago Earth

Love Does Fall in September - Welcome October

@chicagoearth~On this last day of September, I write this blog while overhearing my neighbors loud and passionate fight. I sympathize with their heartache along with every American that may be out of work with the pending government shutdown.
~On this last day of September, I went rollerblading on Chicago's lakefront wondering how long this opportunity will last, listening to Earth Wind & Fire play my favorite song.    
~On this last day of September, I think back to how easily this Virgo-Virgin influenced month always gave me permission to Fall.

Happy Belated Birthday Leos

Happy birthday to my favorite Leo, Georgey now 2 years old.
George is the coolest of cool Persians. His favorite color is green and has zero time for kitty treats.
He's a true mid-westerner, all boy, and very devoted to his family.
Happy Birthday George!!!

Brilliant Balconies for Tiny Spaces

A balcony garden is a VERTICAL GARDEN and even with the tiniest of spaces, look how easy it is to make a small outdoor urban space work. 

PROBLEM: This 2ft x 8ft urban balcony space faces an alley and there's not enough room to even swivel a chair.  READ OUR SOLUTION:

Chicago Earth Brilliant Balconies

What I did last summer.

When we have an occasional weekend off in the summer, there's no better place than a road trip in the Mid-west.  Michiana, on the boarder of Michigan and Indiana is about 80 miles north of Chicago. It's a charming area lined with cozy cottages and log cabins.... more photos from our summer trip to the Village of Michiana.

Beachwalk in Michiana

Introducing our 2013 urban wall garden photographs

Close up of a Portulaca grandiflora new bloom.Starting today @chicagoearth will be showing off photographs of our 2013 urban wall garden installations taken by Kelly Allison @kallisonphoto. 

Close up of a Portulaca grandflora new bloom. 

Now THIS is a Portulaca. 

Portulaca grandiflora Superhero

Portulaca grandifloraPortulaca is a succulent flowering plant that needs full sun and is drought tolerant. This picture taken today is untouched. I didn't brighten or adjust the color of the photo to show the magnificent true colors.

Also known as the Moss Rose, these babies have been giving gorgeous blooms all summer long. When you see daily blooms like these, it makes you feel like a superhero of a gardener.

Portulaca make us proud to be urban gardeners! 
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